#ScoutForth folks! Photo by @zobleu

I was quiet, but I was not blind.

— Fanny Price, Mansfield Parki (Jane Austen)

I realise there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.

— Jeffrey McDaniel (via floriental)

罪人 + 情人

Astrid Lindgren rose
Ph: Louise Ljungberg

One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way. As someone who matters. As someone who can make a difference in this world.

Susane Colasanti 

…Aaand that would be my definition of love.

(via ladyofanaturalstate)

We’re on a bit of a pie kick.

toasting to quite a few special birthdays this afternoon (also toasting to the weekend being just around the corner)